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Diburim Diburim (Teacher's Booklet) (0049-AC)

Speeking in Hebrew-Teacher Guide
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Diburim Diburim (Teacher's Booklet)

Diburim Diburim (Teacher's Booklet)

The book "Diburim diburim" introduces an innovative method of teaching Hebrew by means of speech. From our experience in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem we learned that emphasising the students' speech skills will also improve his/her comprehension, reading and writing skills. To encourage the students to talk, we included topics such as: introductions and meetings, apartment searching and street orientation as well as topics that will allow the student to express him/herself in situations such as: anger, apologies, happiness, worries etc. The students aquire the tools to express themselves naturaly and fluently with a good vocabulary and linguistic expressions while taking part in different activities and reading texts relevant to the subject. This book has a student and a teacher version. Every page of the student version appears in a minimized form in the teachers version with guidence as to how the exercises should be carried out. There is an option to seperatly purchase a Hebew-English dictionary, an exercise booklet and answer booklet for the exercise booklet that all accompany this book.

Author: Rachel Daniel, Leah Skiva, Gila Fraisler, Miri Kamar
Published by: Academon

pp. 264 / Book, Soft Cover

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