Shalhevet Book:

  1. Trei Asar MG with Malbim-Pe’er
  2. Shmot MG Hamaor
  3. Bereshit MG Hamaor
  4. The Sabbath
  5. JPS Tanach
  6. Brachot without Rif
  7. Koren Classic Tanach Maalot Edition
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Trei Asar Mikraot Gedolot with Malbim- Pe'er $16.95
Shmot Mikraot Gdolot Hamaor $21.95
Bereshit Mikraot Gdolot Hamaor $21.95
The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel $15.00
JPS Tanach $22.00
Brachot without Rif $21.00
Koren Classic Tanach Maalot Edition $25.00

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