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During the period of Jewish holidays, shipments may be slightly delayed - if you have any questions - contact us at office@myhebrewbooks.com and we will do our best to assist you in a timely fashion.
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4 Minim set

4 Minim set

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Succot begins this year on the evening of September 27, 2015. Have you ordered your lulav and etrog sets yet?

My Israel Connection offers 100% Kosher, fresh, high-quality 4minim sets for the chag. It is simple to order, and your lulav and etrog sets will be delivered directly to your door in time for the holiday - no fuss, no hassle.

All products are grown in Israel, so in addition to the mitzvah of the 4minim, you will be supporting farmers in Eretz Yisrael. (All sets are produced in accordance with the halachot of shmitta.)

Kashrut supervised by Rabbi Stern Shlit”a, of Rabbi Vozner Shlit”a’s Beit Midrash.

"Those that excel in strength, do His commandments”
(Tehilim 103:20) 

The above is referring to the people that keep the Shmita year. 
(Midrash Tanchuma Vayikra 1)

Those who live outside of the land of Israel also have a chance to "excel in strength” and join with those that keep the Shmita in the land.

Chagai Kirshenboim is one of the largest Etrog farmers in all of Israel.  He is recognized by the G’dolei Yisrael as one that abandons his fields to fulfill Shmita with all of the Hidurim.  He follows all of the instructions of the Beit Din of Rabbi Yaakov Meir Stern a Chaver Beit Din of Rabbi Vozner ZT”L  and is the Shaliach Beit Din for Rabbi Stern, so that Jews are able to fulfill the Mitzvah of taking the four species. 

Rav Moshe Feinstein,  ZT”L, established that one may export the Etrogim from Eretz Israel in the Shmita year.  "Therefore even in the  Sabbatical year it is a Hidur Mitzvah to take the Etrogim of Eretz Yisrael . . .” (Igrot Moshe Orach Chaim vol. 5 chapter 42)

Based upon the number of Etrogim that are sold the Beit Din fixes the prices for them, making the cost for Etrogim in the Shmita year 20% — 40% less than regular years.


There are too many details to include in this short letter so I suggest that you turn to those appointed by the Beit Din to discuss any further questions that you may have. 

Why order with My Israel Connection

  • Easy ordering
  • Highest quality sets assured by our Triple Checked™ Quality System
  • Competitively priced
  • Friendly and efficient service
  • Support Israeli Producers of Arba Minim

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