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NetSpark Mobile

NetSpark Mobile

NetSpark Mobile is a fully independent parental controls app that provides you with the protection of real-time inspection and filtering of web and app content, without restrictions on which apps you use to browse the Web and stream content.

The only app on the market to actually filter within the content you are accessing, NetSpark Mobile gives you incomparable freedom to access a wide range of content and apps that are blocked by competing parental controls. Harmful content is filtered out as you access it, protecting you and your family from unpleasant surprises.

A unique solution for Educational Institutions
NetSpark Mobile for Institutions offers the following features and benefits:
  • Intuitive Web UI for central management of devices
  • Assign and manage devices according to group policy
  • Ability to define filtering protection for individual devices or policy groups
  • Manage access to content and limit app use according to the needs of the curriculum or school schedule
  • Define multiple administrators according to management needs
  • ‘Release’ devices at the end of the school day for parental management via a private user profile
  • Visibility to device protection status for policy enforcement
  • Support for pre-pay bulk licensing or charge-through to device owners
Key Benefits
  • Real-Time, Dynamic Protection - NetSpark Mobile inspects and filters app and Web content in real-time, removing harmful content before it even reaches the screen.
  • 360° Uninstall Protection - NetSpark Mobile is unhackable and guards against attempts to bypass with Safe Mode or resets.
  • Application Management - Filter or block apps by category or create custom rules to allow, filter or block content for individual apps.
  • Easy Remote Management
  • It is simple to control the device and settings from your computer/device www.netsparkmobile.com.
  • Time Management - Schedule and manage browsing and app use.
  • Choose Your Browser -Dynamic Filtering lets you use apps and choice of browser with no Safe Mode needed.
  • Accurate Location Tracking - Gain peace of mind with device monitoring from your computer/device.
  • Works On Your Device - Compatible on all Android devices running OS 2.0 and higher. Soon available for Mac OS

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