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Company Profile

Israel Connection is the “ONE STOP SHOP” for everything connected to the State of Israel.

Israel Connection provides a variety of services:

• Tourism to Israel and Eastern Europe for families, students, and “programs”.

• Distribution of Hebrew language textbooks & academic books to schools, universities, libraries and bookstores worldwide‭.‬

• Sell educational programs and products for the Jewish holidays.

• Implement/ Offer Israel Advocacy program designed for High Schools Students.

Israel Connection places you at the center. We invest maximum effort and resources to provide you with the perfect Israel experience. Our personalized service is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. This relationship is reflected through our individual consultations designed to identify and serve the specific wishes of each client. Israel Connection has office locations in the United States and affiliate offices in Israel.

Company Vision

To assist our clients in developing their identity, deepening their Jewish values and strengthening their connections with Israel. We seek to reinforce a connection to the Jewish people (Am Yisrael) through an encounter with the country’s history and cultural richness within the Land of Israel and State of Israel.

Core Values

Personal service and attention.

Flexibility and customization.

24/6 access via our offices in the United States and Israel.

A professional and experienced staff committed to ongoing learning and improvement.

Integrity, reliability and professional ethics

Company Management:

Steven J. Berger, Los Angeles

Steve, the president and founder of the company, is a businessman engaged in many ventures in the State of Israel. These ventures include real estate investments, Israel bonds and debenture redemption in addition to his presidential role in Israel Connection. Steve is the Chairman of the RZLA, an affiliate of the World Mizrachi (Mizrachi Olami) Zionist organization and is a member of the International Board of Trustees of Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan.

Mickey Katzburg, Jerusalem

Mickey is the CEO and Educational Director of HaKesher Hayisraeli BM. Mickey has been involved with educational initiatives since 1998 in a variety of settings. He was a shaliach in the United States to Yeshiva University of LA, worked with Israel Experience, Egged Tours. Mickey now manages the Israel Connection affiliate offices located in Israel.

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