Ivrit Be’Yerushalayim La’Matchilim-Yam Shel Ivrit


Ivrit Be’Yerushalayim La’Matchilim-Yam Shel Ivrit

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Jerusalem through Hebrew – Elementary level

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Publisher: Magnes (Academon)
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Author: Goni Tishler, Hila Kobliner, Dalia Rot
Published by: Academon
Pages: 149
Cover: Soft Cover
This book is the first in the series: ” Hebrew in Jerusalem” (Ivrit be-Yerushalaim). There are two more books in the series: “Millah ba-Sela” (intermediate level) and “Avnei Safah” (advanced level). These books will be beneficial to University students as well as high-school students learning Hebrew as a second language. These books bring the student to Jerusalem. The student “wonders” through the city streets, smelling its scent, touching its stones and most of all – speaking its language. Grammer is taught through texts about science, literature, poetry, stories, conversations, interviews, commercials and more. 

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